Advices For Sleeping On A Mattress

Even though mattresses are used to create more comfort for people when sleeping but a lot of mattress users complain that lying on the mattress results in their back pain so what are the reasons for this and how can we get away from this situation? How can stomach sleepers overcome inconvenience with mattress toppers for stomach sleepers ?

In this article, we will tell you more about spine problems and provide advices to solve such problems.

  1. The Structure Of Spines

First of all, let’s dig deeper in spine structures. A number of people think that they have to sit or stand with upright back to keep the natural structure of the bones. In fact, back bone is naturally bent a little bit.

Undoubtedly, spine is the main pole of our body shape. It is surprising that spine is also one of the parts absorbing and transmitting sense to the brain neurons. Therefore, if the spines are deformed, the functions of body senses will be weaker.

  1. Why does lying on a mattress cause pain?

There are a lot of reasons why many people have back pain when they lie on the mattress. Here, we list some most common reasons.

  • Lie on the unfamiliar sides

Once lying on the unfamiliar sides, you will find it difficult to get acquainted to it for the reason that the unfamiliarity will makes you uncomfortable. If you still keep sleeping on that side, you will feel pain in the next morning, for sure.

In addition, when you feel unfamiliar, you will not be able to have deep sleep, which also leads to pain in your body parts, even your back.

  • Let the body parts straight

If you let your body always straight while you are sleeping then all your parts will be numb for the next day. It is because when you sleep is when your body have to rest. In other words, your body should lie comfortably.

  • Use high pillows

It’s painful if you use high pillows on the grounds that your back bone will be pulled towards the nape. Put it another way, your back bone structure is deformed. That is why you feel pain in back.

  • Have wrong postures

One another reason for back pain is having wrong postures while sleeping. You may get used to lying in those postures but it doesn’t do good to your body, especially your spines.

These are some most common reasons for back pain. You need to change them better in order to prevent pain in your bodies.

  1. How to choose mattresses suitable for health condition?

Now, we will provide you some tips and tricks to choose a suitable mattress to avoid pain and discomfort.

There are a wide variety of mattress types for you to choose and you may be in two minds when choosing one most suitable. Here are the advantages of some popular types of mattresses.

  • Spring mattress

Spring mattress is considered to be one of the most luxurious types with high priced quoted. As usual, spring mattresses of high quality give a lot of comfort but those of low quality often produce noise when you change your sleeping sides.

  • Rubber mattress

About rubber mattress, there are two types: natural and artificial. The latter type is cheaper than the former. Both types have good elasticity, long lasting durability and firmness. This mattress type has lifespan of 10 – 20 years.

However, one weak point of this type is its high price. In addition, the mattresses are often bulky so it is more difficult for delivery.

  • Padded cotton mattress

Padded cotton mattress has long lasting durability. There are several choices for mattress thickness. It can be folded for saving space.

  • Coir mattress

This is a new type of mattress. It is natural so it’s safe for people’s health. It is suitable for those who want to use friendly – environmental products.

One important point is that you need to lay your body down on the mattress in order that you can feel the quality of the mattress materials. Remember to ask the buyers to allow you to test the mattress quality. It has direct influence on your comfort and convenience in the future so don’t hesitate to ask to test the mattress.