Choose To Buy A Good Pair Of Ear – Buds

Hello guys, a lot of readers question about buying ear – buds for safe listening. Choosing ear – buds, you have to consider everything to make sure about your demands and the ability to meet your requirements of the products.

In this article, we will bring you tips and tricks to choose to buy a best earbuds under 100 for saving money.


Firstly, we should give you the brief introduction about ear – buds. Years ago, when Walkman was born and dominated the music – listening software market, the headphones were designed with large size and it was bulky for users.

However, everything has changed quickly. The designs of headphones have been innovated and smaller for more comfort and convenience. You can absolutely choose one for you.

Almost all the users consider the designs and functions of the headphones. However, to some extents, you had better take other factors into consideration. You sometimes buy the ear – buds just because you like the color and you think that it is suitable for you.

There are a lot of factors you should care for when you want to possess a pair of ear – buds and we will discuss all of them in the part bellow.

Design Of Ear – buds

Nowadays, many users do not care too much for the difference between headphones for home entertainment or phone ear – buds. Nonetheless, it is better to figure out the using purposes in details, for example: listening to music, playing game, using at home or using when going out.

By analyzing your demands, you will know to choose which type to help you have the best experience.

Ear – buds Features

Next, it is necessary to pay heed to the features of ear – buds. As usual, the ear – buds go with smartphones or some technological devices. The ear – buds bring better sound for the listeners.

Nowadays, to reduce the noises, full – size ear – buds are produced. You only need to wear the ear – buds directly on your ear diagram. Now, let’s see the strength and weakness of the ear – buds.


  • Have compact, soft designs
  • Integrated with a small micro for sending voice
  • Integrated with a tiny controlling board
  • Good sound – proof ability


  • Bass sound and main sound are not as good as those of full – sized headphones
  • Have undesirable impacts on ears if using it for a long time
  • Quite difficult to get it out of the ears

Despite the weak points, the ear – buds still have advanced functions. It has knobs for adjusting the volume and moving to the next sound tracks.

Compare With Other Types Of Headphones

In fact, if you have considered your demands then you do not need to take this step because you have one type to aim at. However, if you are unsure about what type suitable then you had better make comparison and contrast with other types of headphones.

Compared with headphones, the ear – buds are much smaller and more compact. The ear – buds are suited to bringing outside and for riding. However, headphones are larger and just suitable for listening to the sound in noisy places thanks to its perfect sound – proof capability.

Check All Things Well

When buying ear – buds, you had better check the parts carefully and here are the details.

  • Avoid ear – buds with scratching shells or old shells
  • Check the inside pad; avoid the torn one
  • Check the joints to know whether they are smooth if you choose folded ear – buds
  • Check sound: Sennheiser models are for sophisticated sounds while Sony is a great brand for strong bass sound (suitable for rock music)
  • Try on the ear – buds to test the sizes

You need to test all the factors above as they determine the quality of the ear – buds. In addition, it is advisable to consult in some experienced users. They will know more about ear – buds strengths and weaknesses. Ask them to prevent buying the wrong ones.


As you can see, to buy a product, you need to consider a lot of things, mainly things around the products. For buying a pair of ear – buds, there are not too many points to remember and it also depends on your feeling on the ear – buds. We hope that the tips above will help you a lot in terms of choosing ear – buds.