Reverse Osmosis System Good Or Bad

Hi guys, this is the article about reverse osmosis system (RO). I am very glad to come back here with this topic. I know that a lot of people are still wondering whether they should buy a RO filter. That’s common as everyone needs to consider what they are not sure about. Even when we have a best reverse osmosis system we still have to deal with some unexpected problems.

I myself find out that equipping a filtering system like the RO we will see both advantages and disadvantages. Today, I will make it clearer with some details about pros and cons when using a RO system.

Advantages Of Using A RO System

In this first part, I will tell you more about the advantages of using a RO system.

  • Water Is Filtered And Becomes Purer

It is obvious that RO is a filter system which helps to filter the water with the highest capacity and the best ability it has. The water with problems will be filtered and become purer than before. The RO system works and the water will be filtered thanks to the carbon post – filter which polishing filter after storage tank. A lot of bacterial are removed. The bad smell if any will be also killed.

  • Remove Chemical Substances

One of the main problems of the water used in your family is the infection with poisonous chemicals. Chlorine is the most common one that appears in the water flow. In addition, your water may be infectious with tear gases, mustard gas or phosgene and diphosgene.

The tear gases are colorless and it is pungent. Therefore, it is not simple for you to recognize it. However, when the tear gas water will turn into light yellow when you use it to make fruit juice. Tear gas is known as the lachrymatory agents. It will irritate mucous membranes in the eyes, mouth, throats and lungs. Therefore, you will have cough, breath difficulties and temporary blindness. That is very dangerous.

However, the RO system is able to help you remove such poisonous chemicals. The water will be purer and the smell of chemical substances will be removed. You should have a detailed analysis after using the RO system to insure the water safety.

  • Improve The Water Taste And Odor

One important advantage that can be indicated from above information is that using the RO system can improve the water taste and odor. The water appearance is also enhanced a lot.

Hence, you will have safe water for making your favorite drinks and for cooking. These activities all have a strong impact on your health. You will escape from the bad – water – condition as before and start with fresh water now.

  • RO System Consumes No Energy

It is very interesting the RO system consumes no energy. A lot of people may not believe so but it is true. Once installing the system, the water will flow through every part of the RO system such as the RO membrane, sediment pre – filter, carbon pre – filter and carbon post – filter. The water runs through these parts and then be filtered naturally. The system does not consume any power.


Even though the water is filtered, it does not mean that there is no poison in it. It is true that almost all the chemicals and poisons before using RO system are removed but it is true that the water is demineralized and becomes acidic.

More specific, the main minerals in the water that are good for people’s health and make the high quality water such as sodium, calcium and iron will disappear due to the filtering process. The RO system is friendly but the water will become acidic because it loses its minerals.

Bottom Line

Here, you can see what a reverse osmosis system benefits you and what its drawbacks are. Almost all the bad problems to the water in our houses will be removed but we may have to cope with other dangers. It is better to consider very carefully and make a comparison between what you receive and what you have to sacrifice if you intend to equip a RO system. If you want to ask more about this product, don’t hesitate to send us your questions.