Some Mistake You Need To Avoid When Using TAJIMA Embroidery Machine

Current on the market, there have a lot of embroidery machine for you to choose from the styles, brands, and color to suit different purpose. One of the most common machines is TAJIMA, which is known for its efficiency and cheapness. However, not everyone know how use it correctly. In this article, the author will give some of feature of this embroidery machine and as well some mistake when using this model.

  • Parameter Of A TAJIMA Embroidery Machine

The general characteristics: The high-quality embroidery machine PR1000E

– Owning the direct connections with USB port, computers, as well as memory card reader.

– Directly change the screen color of embroidery machine

– Along with LED lighting working regions.

– The embroidery machine is directly combined with the LCD touchscreen.

– The designs would be adjustable to support the correct embroidery patterns.

– The machine is installed various fonts

– The function pierces automatically with just one button

– The ability to understand the whole sample design file, which is formatted by the computerized embroidery machine (.HUV, .DST, .JEF, .PES, or >PHC

– Special use for embroidery finished

– Weight (former accessories, barrel): 70 Kg.

– Usually only: a large tube

– The size of embroidery frame: 36cm × 20cm

– Accessories purchased: Frame embroidered hats, embroidered cylinder.

– Power: 138W.

– Warranty 2 years in the city.

  • Some Errors And Its Solve

– Error Code 211: The cause of this error is incorrectly positioned by stopping to fix your spindle position, Rotary Encoder, Joint H 12, H I / F card.

– Error Code 221, 222, 245, 225: This error is due to the bounding box dimensions X +, X-, Y +, Y-. If you want to overcome this way, you have to move the frame to adjust the starting point so that the embroidery threads fit in the area of machine embroidery, which allows the current position of the frame.

– Error Code 281: This error comes in time exceeds 15 seconds discoloration. You can adjust the sensor n the discoloration to overcome.

– Error Code 2b1 is because the tape is defective; the signal does not change after 5 seconds. So, you need to check wiring patterns on skirts reading.

– Error Code 2b3 is due to faulty tape, some data may end up being perforated tape

– Code 2b7 error is caused by wrong data set, but you can overcome by the BAM1 and SET.

– Code 2b8 is due to data errors included wrong. In order to fix you check the conditions set in TFD.

– Code 2bb error is because you stepped too limited frame, fix the error by pressing the reset.

– Codeloi 2bc is wrong because some topics should be forced to read the number of threads

– Code 2C1 error is because the machine during operation should have kept your data, which is not done any other operations while placing holds on panel data

– 2CD error code that causes memory manipulation unfortunate sudden power failure and forcing you to reload the data into memory

– Code error signal 312 causes a fixed position of the encoder fails and you need to check encoder, cables and related parts.

– Code 325 error is due to the frame cap faulty original point and you need to sociology, to examine the test sensor cap frame.

– Code 382 errors caused by metallic cylinder exceeds position, need to check the motor discoloration, rotary switch.

– Error Code 383 is cylindrical needle position is incorrect, you should check the rotary switch.

– Error code 384 is caused by discoloration of the error, to overcome the need to check the sensor 1-rotary investigation

– Code 3A2 errors, caused by cutting too long time, you check the H-Joint card.

– Code 3d3 error due to faulty NIM signal, this error you should check card Check H-Joint.

PR-1000E is a professional embroidery machine for business purposes and use in the home, not the guaranteed features of the first industrial embroidery machines, but also easier to use than ever!

There are also lots of well-known brands are full of family-friendly machine and other industry. Therefore, take into consideration when making a purchasing to not regret your option.