Tips When Buying Security Cameras

Recently, security camera is no longer a strange thing for everyone. Many cameras are supplied with reasonable prices and the average medium. If you’re planning to install security cameras you cannot ignore The best security camera reviews on the market 2016 for additional information needed.

Also let us refer to the tips below on purchasing a security camera. You will have the knowledge necessary to make a right choice.

  1. Determine Your Needs As Observers

You need to watch over the telephone, a television, a computer: this is very important to help vendors to support and advise you in the best way. And information signals used in computers and phones are different, and when you identify your needs, then suppliers will introduce you to the most suitable security camera.

For example, my demand is the day I go to work, I need to watch the door to see if anyone in the home port I get anything? So I just kind of detector camera mounted to the port finished. Evening on the camera system will be reviewed to see if something happened to my house

  1. Determine The Area Want To Observe

Before purchasing a security camera system that you should view through the corner in the house, or you can call an employee of the CCTV to advise on survey camera for your installation. This helps you have a security camera work more efficiently.

  • Want The Inside Of The House: You have to determine how you will set the camera angle where the most logical and easily earned best picture and widest. The reason you want installed in that location … this is what you should talk with their equipment suppliers to support you in the best way.

  • You Want To Observe Outside The House: Outside the house, for purposes such as anti-theft, anti-villain harm your family… you should install cameras in the most reasonable angle, and sometimes you should choose an easy place to observe but not to others easily detect camera.

The most important thing is that whether you are fitting security cameras for any purpose, and ensure that it does not affect the private lives of people around you and the members of your family. This is also one of the disadvantages of using the camera.

  1. Selecting The Camera Focal Length

What is the focal length? The focal length of a lens is the optical distance from the center to the focal point of an object to be observed. Generally used with the lens focal every day is measured in centimeters, millimeters. Commonly used in the camera focal length is 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm…

  • Pomegranate select the camera focal length is a very important part of your observations. Usually when you use the security camera for small shop office, you don’t care about the camera focal length. However if you need monitor with the far vision, but a fitting one corner… it means a particular case you have to think of the focal length of the camera.
  • How to choose the focus: the smaller the lens as wide viewing angles, but only inspiration is near (for example lenses 2.8, 3.6) The larger the lens’ focal distance observations effectively, however, its narrow viewing angle.
  1. Selecting The Camera To Suit Each Environment

This one is pretty simple. Usually there are three types of environments for us to choose different camera types: Indoor, outdoor and harsh conditions.

Standard equipment on the protection of the camera symbol on IP, we can see the standard, IP64, IP65, IP66, IP67 on CCTV. We can protect the CCTV standards detailed in learning about protecting the standard of CCTV

  1. Selecting The Resolution Of The Camera

The resolution of the camera is also very big decision to clear the camera. Often, security cameras are clear or not depends on what the camera sensor and the resolution of the camera. If the resolution of the camera is increasing, the number of pixels of the camera is more, the camera that brings clearer images.

  1. The Camera Has Night Vision Or Not?

Normally 99% of current camera is equipped with infrared cameras. Only one of special type of camera design firm will not have infrared. We ask vendors about their security cameras with infrared or not, to be a better consultant. About IR also be divided into various categories, observing near and distant observations.

  1. Selection The Wire Camera Or The Wireless Camera?

Selecting a wireless or wired/ cord cameras that your needs:

+ Installation: We will go 2-wire signal source and CCTV

+ Installation: Easy to install new model ran Analog plugged in

+ Stability: Stability is calculated as 100% analog cameras are about 99%

+ Sharpness: Sharpness equal to 100%, usually about 60% of Analog Camera, Camera AHD 70%, 80% HD-CVI, HD-SDI HDTVI 85% 99%

  • IP Camera: Wireless Camera:

+ Installation: We will set one single power cord for wireless camera

+ Installation: Installing more difficult to go through the internet and depend on the internet lan network

+ Stability: Stability is calculated as 100% analog cameras are about 80% because the system depends on a network.

+ Sharpness: Sharpness equal to 100% of the IP cameras are about 75% with 1.0 megapixel camera, 85% with 2.0 megapixel camera, 3.0-megapixel camera 95%.