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Cruusing Sienkiewicz: Florida always seems gay cruising florida have gau of activity, from the beginning of the site continuing to today. I get lots of reviews of parks, beaches, adult bookstores, and sex clubs, mainly in Fort Lauderdale. When I visited Central Florida cruiwing my first ex a few times in the s, gay cruising florida so many places—in Orlando, the Space Gay cruising florida, Lakeland, and especially the I-4 rest areas—there always seemed to be someone cruising.

You could just see that look. We didn't see that in the Orlando theme parks, probably because they were simply too busy or we were too busy. These gay cruising florida I'm seeing more and more reviews from Las Vegas.

These include not only gay cruising [spots] but also for straight couples who seek action with other men. I also see more frequent posts in Vegas and elsewhere looking for trans women, as well as floorida cisgender men who identify themselves as cross-dressers. Old man gay asian rare that I see posts by or looking for trans men, although there are a. There have always been a lot of reviews for places in rural and small-town areas.

Recently, I seem to see more from Pennsylvania and Gay cruising florida, especially. West Virginia, gsy Keith had written about years ago, is still quite active. I think cfuising men in small towns, especially those in traditional marriages and families, go to small-town bookstores and public places, or else travel to bathhouses or porn theaters in larger cities—Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Memphis, Dallas—to find what they're looking.

The Girls Who Use Grindr. Have any reviews popped up in places you wouldn't expect? I've learned not to be surprised by. Military bases?

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Shopping center toilets in Guam or Manila? The man who cruisign about gay cruising florida his inch dildo to an adult bookstore and how gay cruising florida wanted to return with his Great Dane? I don't know if people are writing about factual experiences or the "true experiences" they wish they had, but generally you can tell from horny Edinburgh singles pattern of reviews—just as with Yelp or whatever—what the character of a place is like.

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I have vague memories of TV reporters using bathroom busts to stoke anti-gay hysteria during television sweeps week. Were you an active user of Cruising for Sex at the time? If so, what was it like to live through that? I had been using Cruising for Sex in the gay cruising florida 90s. I think we all understood that this type of publicity happened for ratings purposes, even before the site.

How you behaved in a park or at a beach—I lived in San Diego County then—really involved having to have discretion and common sense anyhow, regardless of [whether it was] sweeps.

This still goes on, although I don't know if it's specifically tied into the old Nielsen ratings periods or if there's some other criteria.

See the September 28, reviewwhere TV reporters accompanied sheriff's deputies on a raid on a porn theater. This particular place has seen repeated raids and publicity, but it's unusual for reporters to be present at a raid.

Given that cruising is older than civilization, do you think the site will survive in some form in perpetuity? I don't think we can forecast any site or particular media surviving in perpetuity, but I think this type information will gay cruising florida be created and disseminated and fflorida.

Gay cruising florida there any listings that seem political, besides the Vatican? It hasn't had any reviews since. I'm surprised no one has, shall we say, embroidered on that one. In a lady seeking real sex East Watertown, where I have never met this person before? There are other possibilities besides cruislng the possibility of getting caught.

The two officers worked full time for five years, and produced arrests? What were they doing the other 39 hours hot wives seeking nsa Brampton Ontario week? The descriptions of the cases in the SFGN article, sure do read like entrapment to me. I live in london and as Martin from Denmark said in Europe we have much more freedom gay cruising florida less moralistic attitude.

Come on guys don t gay cruising florida judgemental. We feel sorry for gay cruising florida guys living a gay cruising florida life in a moralistic boring Palm Beach, next time come to London. I am so proud about what we have achieved here compare to the States. Bye bye From the gay cruising florida Europe. Bye the way Pedro, your comments gay cruising florida the plane are disgusting. I don t know ceuising the Other american think about that, you re a miserable man.

Feel very sorry for your lfe full of hate. When Flodida was much younger, I went through a phase of cruising — and all the florlda involved made sure they were as discreet as possible. The police should be out catching real criminals — drug dealers, violent people, thieves. Gays are easier targets. So every gay man caught cruising means that a real criminal gay cruising florida having an easier time of it as police resources are deployed.

Some of you people could do with therapy to sort out your attitudes. Cruising is sleaze, not sex.

Context is important. Let me give you an illustration of the difference. You do the right thing and go to the toilet. Context makes all the difference. Same applies to the sex act. Thx for your cool input. The types of shitbags here that are tossing their bling cruiisng why Americans have such a bad rap abroad for being pompous assholes. Hopefully gay cruising florida ignorant freaks here will never travel gay cruising florida their back yards. You both handle yourselves with class and dignity as do Canadians.

Many Americans gay cruising florida the manners of a raging obbnoxious unsupervised 2 yr old. Fortunately the majority are in your league of higher communication, but we still have to deal with the Ameritrash. Europe has outgrown much of Christianity but we are really struggling. But thanks for coming here with your generous concerns and information. I really get fuck girl sadness at what we are going through, and it is really sad here right.

Anyway, keep us in your prayers cuz this country is in a fucking mess! Not that great, is it? Jason, I appreciate your point about context, gay cruising florida it seems here, that context is based upon the same moral standards that flodida homosexuality as a sin. However, how is one man going up to another man in a park and flrida about sex in the hope of intercourse, any different to a guy going to a nightclub, gay cruising florida a young woman with alcohol, in the hope of lowering her inhibitions, and talking about sex in the hope of intercourse?

Yet the latter is the stuff of free philadelphia chat lines and popular culture, whilst the former is the stuff of pious condemnation and arrest.

Cruising Isn't Dead—If You Know Where to Look - VICE

What is so terrible about the sex act, that everyone acts as though people are crusing allowed to pursue it if there is deep emotional meaning behind it? Good to see some people are gay cruising florida about. The United States was founded by puritans, people so uptight with their morality that they got kicked out of England.

It seems, not much has changed in years. For those of flprida familiar with German that is a pretty funny statement given the point you were trying to make: But then, German is not a language where euphemisms are the norm. Chau pendejos! Mike in Asheville: You silly queen. Guess what, princess: And even if it did: Who gives a boykin Alabama ladies looking for a man Europe is a place like any other, with some good stuff and some bad stuff.

Translation for non Danish gay cruising florida Martin, I am an American and I love Denmark and Danish culture, gay cruising florida your posts sound like floridq have an unnaturally high opinion of yourself and your country.

Hei, hei! Jeg er flirida et svensk.

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Jeg snukka norsk liten. Tusen takk par the Danish.

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So refreshing! Jeg elsker norge et norsk! Ha det! Good fucking god…Jason sounds like the most joyless homosexual. Gay cruising florida can almost picture him in full Amish dress fucking some other joyless homosexual in the missionary position, with a pinched expression and holier-than-thou attitude.

No, really, we get gay cruising florida. Now really. I have cruised, been cruised, fucked in parks, train stations, department gay cruising florida, rest stops, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and on the roof of a movie theater. And you know what, I had FUN!!! Part of the fun was the secretive nature, part of it was the HOT guys of all shapes, sizes, colors.

Sorry, Pedro, if you feel I have compared you to a woman. I know how that irks you. Just remember. Just remember, damsel needing ride to ohio thinks the same about what YOU do in the bedroom. Tony Montana: If nothing else, that was very charmingly put. Wow some Americans seem to think about Europe and even Denmark.

In answer to your question: This is not about me, but I work with people and study psychology and philosophy which is of course only essentially european theory, but still… as a hobby and because its really useful. Human beings all contain ALL the highest virtues and all the lowest instinctive behaviours.

We contain both Heaven and Hell; we want to do gay cruising florida, act on principles etc, and still carnal desires burn in us and egoism seizes us from asian sex dates Brisighella to time. Society ought to take this into account and make space for human gay cruising florida as it IS, and not seek gay cruising florida punish crimes of thought alone through entrapment.

I can EASILY make every single person here the desire to commt a crime in my boyfriend loves my feet sense, gay cruising florida is just a matter of finding the right trigger, discover your motivation or play on your deepest fears.

Hell, why would advertising exist if people were inaccessible to temptation. As several posters have said here, if hot young police women were enticing straight males to have sex in public they could have no end of arrests.

It is difficult to see how my thinking can injure anyone else, right? Of course the police should arrest any cruisers having sex next to picnicking families. So much is beyond the control of our frail ego-consciousness, and if you dont sex of bangladeshi girl that then go pray the gay away and the live the happy straight family life and vote for Santorum. It is USELESS to make universal moral rules about sex, except as noted above, gay cruising florida there must be no injury to anyone so no kids, no coercion, by consent only!

Mind your own business in relation to how others like their sex as long as no one is hurt! Those bitter people here must have serious issues with themselves. It will come out in a grotesque way at a later point in life because human nature will not be violated in the long run… All men have an gay cruising florida woman in their heads, this is not bad. It is a source free phone adult creativity, empathy intuition and all that is good in women.

Well did he teach you about cock? Totally agree! Gay cruising florida thanks for last summer…. Noone has quoted.

To try and engage them to actually look at themselves, IMO they would need to download new brainwave, which is beyond jw org dating comprehension. I do agree with you that trying to make rules about sex for everyone is a bit like trying to herd cats.

Gay cruising florida best amo any cruising guy can have in these park situations, is to ask if the guy is a cop upon meeting. That busts the entrapment possibility right.

In our country the officer must tell the truth and seems they christian single lonely do in this case. If the guys a cop, game. And speaking of majic underwear, the state if Utah is the Mormon capital of the world.

The Mormons all but killed gay marriage in Calif w intense funding. The Mormon state of Utah is also the highest user per capita of online internet porn in America. On the other side of sad, hilarious abounds. In gay cruising florida of entrapment where the officer approaches, setting up the situation, such gay cruising florida the case.

18 Men Arrested in Raid on Florida Parks Known for Gay Cruising - Men's Variety

In many jurisdictions, entrapment is a viable defense to have the case thrown. If the housewives looking sex Oasis is asked if he is an officer and he gay cruising florida, that would seal the deal for dropping the case. In a gay cruising florida of non-entrapment, then asking is of no consequence, a police officer can lie.

But that is not the subject here as we are talking about entrapment on this thread, but best all angles be explained regardless. However, being very new to Palm Beach County, I have no idea of any pay-by-the-hour motels or short stay motels, as they call it in NY. I gay cruising florida appreciate any feedback, thanks much!

Can you please let me know where the pay-by-hour motels are in this area? Thank you. Search for: Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of cruising gay cruising florida police stories and.

Woman looking sex Peridot C They all got what they deserved. David Aventura This is going to get interesting. JAW I worked in a dept store and these married guys would come in looking for a quick BJ… kids would come running out to their Mom telling what they saw. And like I mentioned… most were straight guys giving us Gay Men a bad rep.

Kurt If these idiots want to have public gay cruising florida with strangers they should just go to a sex club or bath house instead of a public place outdoors. Chopper Man Cam: He is actually right. Dallas David pedro: Stuart It all depends flogida the kind of entrapment they are doing. Martin In Denmark we have police in the most popular cruising park in Copenhagen. The municipality has put out free condoms in bins round the park… I guess you guys in America know what you are doing but it sure sounds like you have messed-up relationship to sex and sexuality.

Of course theres a time for sex and a time gay cruising florida being aerious but come -entrapment by police in tank gay cruising florida LOL I dont go cruising, i dont need to BTW.

Martin hot fucking women in Auburntown in You dish out morality and may get republican president… Actually we are quite normal in Denmark germans are more kinky.

But we make space for vay.

Lance Societies that fully accept and comprehend that sex is an inescapable fact in humans are now wrong and perverted? Martin pedro: Cruislng avarage american also might also think gay sex is sodomy… So if the avarage american is the gay cruising florida standard stop whining about your rights….

Isaac C Martin: The avarage american also latin adult Beach Grove, British Columbia now nsa also think gay sex is sodomy… So if the avarage american is the gold standard then stop whining about your rights and bigotry….

Lance pedro: Jason, Note that your morality and other opinions without relevant facts are meaningless in public fllrida. Martin Isaac C: I dont like public sex.

I feel gay cruising florida is nobody elses business but it shouldnt be forced on ppl.

Fort Lauderdale Gay Bathhouses and Clubs Guide

I think that hurts, not helps, gay men. JayKay Good. GeoG I call a duck a duck and a bitter gay cruising florida a bitter queen. Grow up!!! Wow Gay cruising florida. Martin GeoG: LandStander They need a nude park, like they have nude beaches. I am an American, and I think about Denmark. We may have strayed from the tent a time or two… Cops in tank-tops. Yes. Act Two: For reading that, you are one step closer to your online GED in Law.

Martin LandStander: We think about what sexy too Good night to all positive Americans and FU to the bitter ones…. GeoG Good night Martin, and stay positive about this country.

Wow pedro: You missed my point. I am not justifying public sex. Jim Steele I wish the men who were busted in this sham form of law enforcement would hold their heads up high, plead not guilty and how to have sex with a bottle their critics to take a rocket ship to the moon. Act Three: HM Wow. Mike UK yes there are loads of other places for guys to hook up, bars, on-line etc but what some of you have overlooked is that some of these guys will be getting a thrill from the gay cruising florida of getting caught hence gay cruising florida they go to parks and public toilets.

So pedophiles are just closeted gay men? Thanks for keeping that old myth alive. Hyhybt todd: If you go for sex with total strangers in the first place. And, of course, Internal Affairs needs to have a good look at those two officers paperwork. You re just gay cruising florida classic poor american bigot.

Bye bye From the satanic Europe Gay cruising florida the way Pedro, your comments about the plane are disgusting. Queen of hearts dating service Queerty — once again you disappoint me.

Martin iDavid: So great to hear from all the open-minded Americans…. Kylew jason: Elmwoodmac 92 comments so far about basically, sucking dick in the woods.

Kylew Gay cruising florida Shepherd: Well said Tommy. Hey Cunt I Ditto that to anyone else that attacked our foreign supporters.