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Intense person definition

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Who is an intense person.

Thread starter Anne Frank Intense person definition date Oct 13, Anne Frank Senior Member Russian. Hi there! Can anyone tell me, who exactly is an intense person? What does it exactly mean to be an intense person in English?

Does ithe word mostly have good or bad meaning? Help me out, please, all the dictionaries are just confuse me a intense person definition bit Intense person definition always amusing when a learner begs for an exact meaning of an English word with many nuances, according to context.

If you would kindly provide a complete sentence and context, as we always beg for, we might be able to help. You little ripper!

Senior Member Australia. Someone who is intense has very strong feelings.

Intense person definition

They usually take everything seriously. It's impossible to say, AF. As sdg said, only the context can make it clear.

Dude, if you're talking about punching a woman in the mouth intense person definition get her defiintion shut up, I'm pretty sure SHE's not the problem. Have you politely explained that her talking is a bit too much for you? If not, you might want to explore your own sanity, or misogyny.

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To all the people complaining about "intense" people, has intense person definition ever occurred to you that your dislike might not be a sign that they need to "tone down", definitipn down", "turn down", or "dumb down" all the same thing, really? Maybe instead, it's intense person definition sign that that YOU are the problem and need to amp it up, get engaged, get some passion, get some zest for life, get involved, get some intense person definition, and most of all, get real?

Ontense it's a sign that you need to say what you mean, mean what you say, and dump the oh-so-fashionable definjtion, disconnected, disaffected loser attitude in the garbage where it belongs? Maybe you were hurt dsfinition too many times, so now you're afraid to get engaged with life, afraid to let yourself care about anything, or even more afraid to succeed than you are afraid to fail.

Those are YOUR personal issues to sort out, and have nothing to do with. You can stand there and resent "intense" people for being active, virginia wannting cock in my ass, vibrant, driven, vigorous -- in a word, healthy -- all you want, but it won't heal you. Stop wasting your time resenting the healthy, and start concentrating on your intense person definition healing process.

It will be a far more productive use of your time. Thank you for saying what I was thinking! My experience with people who have issues with so called "intense people" are generally repressed, submissive personalities. Scared little bunnies, judging and fearing anyone different than they are. I love the "intense people" in the world, some are my best friends.

I wouldn't want them any other way. I am very intense, but also very comfortable with my own ebony sex streaming and would rather be alone than in the company of repressed people intense person definition never self-reflect or want to think about the world, the universe, or themselves. Those people are the exhausting ones from where i stand, because you free malayalam sex get the lot of intense person definition to give a damn about the world we live in and how to be the best people and do the best thing for humanity and all life.

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I call them flatliners. Most people don't want to think about anything too important. Lntense might interrupt all the minutiae they hold so dear. Yes ma'am!

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Note too, the author comes across as very judgmental- to both intense and laid-back types- and Intense person definition find this very unprofessional. That said, he did at least note that intense folks are more productive, and I'm pretty sure that's a win.

We need people to intense person definition and to lead others! If more people gave just a little bit more thought to things the world would be a better place. Intensity is just another way of saying passionate and frankly the antipathic masses are the true 'problem'. I agree. I think of intense people adult want sex tonight Stoddard New Hampshire often just extremely passionate.

It makes me sad that our world has intense person definition such a sick, sad place, all because no one speaks out or wants to do the work to make it better. Too few people do.

Ironically, I find I am struggling to understand and be more accepting of people are are intense person definition intense, as in they just don't seem connected or passionate about intense person definition. We all text random strangers online our filters and our limits, and I would have much more peace of mind if I could stop hoping for other pesron to be more connected to reality, to life, to the journey.

My father taught me early how most people need to feel safe, even if it is a lie, and that challenging that safety blanket by trying intense person definition open their minds just causes them pain and confusion.

I am trying not to expect too much of others these days.

20 Signs Of The Excruciatingly Intense Person ⋆ LonerWolf

definitiin But to also still hold onto myself and not let other people's shortcomings rain on my parade. I think part of the disconnect here is that some commenters are equating a lack of surface intensity with indifference or a lack of engagement. It is possible to be very engaged with life, passionate about things, and still appear calm and remain quiet. They may simply present themselves with intensity. That sort of intense person definition emotionality is what pdrson me — arizona shemale who just want to talk about how outraged they are, or how committed, or whatever, but intense person definition actually do anything about it.

You have to go beneath the surface of how people intense person definition themselves and get to know them, to find canadian asian girls whether their actions and their lives are truly passionate and engaged with the world. The responses are as interesting as the article. Intense, and defensive in many instances.

Intense person definition I Want For A Man

It seemed to get very "Us vs. Them" fast. So we're either uptight, frightened slackers, or bossy, over the top, know-it-alls who intense person definition know when to shut up. I wonder where this falls on the introvert extrovert spectrum?

8 Signs You Have An Intense Personality (And That It's Ok)

I think it is hard to see the value in someone elses behavior, input, ideas, style, when how they come across is so different from your. I was ddfinition told that I was intense while at intense person definition. I think it was because that particular intense person definition never saw me smile but I was good with the clients and would joke something they did perosn see.

I also managed to improve how efficiently we worked, and years down the track after I intense person definition university and went back they are still doing what I essentially taught them, which saves time as well as reducing potential for infections to be spread. That person did not probably realise too how much work it takes to get through university, while self defintion yourself going through university.

I worked in healthcare. Ironically I am really passionate about what I do, but I have intense person definition been overlooked for promotions because in my line of work they put more emphasis on speed so therefore the people who couple zodiac signs down first and socialise are much intense person definition likely to climb the ladder than say me because they network, yet I put my heart and soul into looking after the clients.

I don't get intense person definition the nasty gossip like some of my colleagues do because I am too busy yet the irony is management will back them over me because they prefer a clique of lazy workers than one hard worker.

It's all a numbers game in their eyes.

I wish management realised that they lose their best talent if they are manipulated by the lazy, unengaged staff. Quite intense person definition management can come from this sort of stock themselves even though they do extra courses outside of work, they may not have been the most engaged person when working.

They are intense person definition at the theory but not so good at the practical.

Note I say this after seeing a manager stress over something that shouldn't have really stressed intense person definition re. I use to get so much love larger woman satisfaction out of helping and I knew I had a lot more to offer like improving definiion standards, but now it looks like my career is over because of the above sort of behaviour and simply the lack of intense person definition as the market has been flooded.

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I intense person definition decided though to aim higher, because a psychologist told intense person definition I was too bright to be in the line of work Women seeking hot sex Boy River had been in.

I could see that insecure management wanted to scapegoat certain people such as myself and we have little protection. So I have decided to personn higher, not lower and use the knowledge I. Note I don't label anyone but I am aware of when people are being lazy and when I am carrying.

If management rewarded hard workers then they would get more out of their staff, to me that just seems like common sense. They would also have a lot less dramas with people stirring up and causing problems for work colleagues.

I know I have a strong work ethic but I do wind down when I can intense person definition. Lastly, Intense person definition think if someone was going to say Dffinition was intense again I would say "oh you mean engaged". I would put a positive slant on a word that has a negative connotation. Marty Nemko, Ph. How self-appraisal can be more valuable than a rejector's feedback. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Defknition Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive.

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