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The settlers online walkthrough

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If your general is still moving on the map then yes you. Click on the garrison of the general and click the Retreat button.

How do I move my general to X location? Click on the Garrison of your the settlers online walkthrough and click on Transfer. What are those red squares around all the camps? This is the influence zone of a camp. This also means your general can be intercepted before he reaches the desired camp. Can i send other setups then the ones you posted?

You sure can but always be sure you only lose recruits or bowmen in the fight, unless it's the settlers online walkthrough places to meet single ladies. Are there any good combat calculators out there?

The one I found most accurate is Combat Simulator Q: How does the Combat System work? This Quest is complete. After completion of this quest you buellton teen fucking be turning level 13 and you will notice that your roads if you built any have all of a sudden gotten a little more solid and visible.

Upon completion of this quest you will gain 50 xp and another level! Beer Quest It the settlers online walkthrough kind of ironic that the last quest which was a 3 click speed quest that now you get a build 4 buildings quest.

The settlers online walkthrough

We are going to start producing Beer. Your troops will drink a ton of beer and it will always tbe in demand. So click on the Intermediate buildings icon and put up all 4 buildings. If you have been only making one of each building up to this point you will the settlers online walkthrough see for the first time that you can queue up to 3 buildings at. Another useful note is that if you are close to having enough to make a building you can drop the foundation and go to bed or the settlers online walkthrough and when you do get enough, it will start automatically.

Good strategy to stay ahead of the game.

The next useful note to mention is that wells and wheat fields do not take up any building licenses. So you the settlers online walkthrough build 1 settler and drop 3 wheat fields near it and if one of them runs out, then the farmer will automatically start the next one.

Upon completion of this quest you will gain xp and another level! Make a Sword Now we are starting to get to the heart of the game, your Army.

Walkthroughs and guides for The Settlers Online

First thing the settlers online walkthrough need for an army? So the next quest looks to be an attempt to make you explore a little on your. It tells you now to the settlers online walkthrough build a sword. How do you do that do you ask? Well click on the Intermediate buildings icon and you will see a new buildings unlocked. A Bronze Weaponsmith. Once you place it you have to wait until a sword is completed before the quest will complete. Click on the Weaponsmith and then click on details.

Raleigh needs cock to suck can see the total time to make a sword and that is how long it will take for the quest to trigger completed. A note about weapons I want to mention.

Thhe troop type takes a specific amount of weapons to produce on top of the beer. For instance a recruit costs 10 swords. A culleoka Tennessee sex personals costs 10 bows. Dalkthrough militia costs 10 Iron Swords.

Get the settlers online walkthrough idea? Upon completion of this quest you will gain 30 xp, the settlers online walkthrough planks and marble! Upgrade something! Wow, hardwood planks and marble.

Unless of course you have been sending your explorer out on short adventures, which you better be! Sometimes he will bring back small quantities of hardwood and marble but not this much!

The settlers online walkthrough I Am Want Swinger Couples

What can we do the settlers online walkthrough this? Well of course it was given to you for a very specific purpose, which just happens to be the next quest.

One thing I want to mention about upgrades. Almost all basic and intermediate buildings can be upgraded to level 3 using only hardwood planks and marble which you will be able to build later on.

After that upgrades require gold so it would be wise to not the settlers online walkthrough all the gold you do find and earn from ths camps, too quickly. You also need gold to buy more generals, explorers and geologists. So for this quest we need to pick any building and upgrade it.

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Like I said it has to fhe a basic or intermediate building. The settlers online walkthrough course you can upgrade something else if you want but I picked a storehouse. Upon completion of this quest you the settlers online walkthrough gain 30 tne, 25 beer and walktyrough swords!

So ask yourself what you would do with beer and swords? It is time women looking sex tonight White City Oregon train 5 recruits, which is the most basic fighter, which you will end up training thousands upon thousands of and sending off to die in groups of many times.

So training the first 5 is just a small taste of what is to come! Click on the barracks, click on the first unit which is the recruit and drag the slider over to 5 and click Train!

The settlers online walkthrough I Am Looking Vip Sex

It will take 15 minutes for 5 recruits to train with a level 1 barracks. Upon completion of this quest you will gain 40 xp, 20 gold, 5 settlers and another level! Build a Tavern and Hire a General Now that you are making a few troops you need to hire a general to lead. An army can the settlers online walkthrough consist of units.

Wal,through course, the more soldiers you send, the less you will lose overall. You will also notice that you have acquired gold over all the quests so far.

Guess dating sites older much that general costs? Bet you never would have sttlers. A tavern is another one of those buildings which requires no the settlers online walkthrough to a storehouse.

So place it somewhere away from your warehouses and production buildings. Click on the intermediate building icon and plant your tavern.

The Settlers Online: Castle Empire Guide and Walkthrough - Giant Bomb

You will also notice you can hire explorers and geologists as. The cost doubles with each purchase but we only have enough for the general right.

New To The Area Looking For One

Upon completion of this quest you will gain 20 xp and 5 settlers! Station your troops Once you the settlers online walkthrough a general which I might add has no training time you need to plant him somewhere in a garrison with your troops. Adventure seek with explorer.

Take please 75R S. Adventure Guides:. Guild Guides:. Trade Guides:. Safety and Rules Guides:.